Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where are we located?

We are located at 1533 McAdoo’s Ln. which is off Division Street about one kilometer north of the 401. Or half kilometer north of the 401 from Montreal Street.

When should I arrive?

The first movie starts about ten minutes after sunset. We recommend that you arrive at least half an hour prior to get parked and get any food from our concession

What if it rains?

The movies show rain or shine. You may have to turn your wipers on. We want you to enjoy the movie so if you come in within the first 15 minutes of the first movie starting, we will issue you a rain cheque to come up and enjoy the movies another day. Please note that we will not show movies if there is lightening, due to power surges.

May I bring my dog?

Certainly! We only ask that you have it on a leash and clean up after it.

Do we accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Union Pay and Interac

How do I listen to the movies?

We transmit the soundtracks for the movies over FM radio. Screen 1 is in 92.3 FM, Screen 2 103.3 FM and Screen 3 100.9 FM. Just tune in your car stereo and enjoy!

Can I back in and watch from the back of my SUV with the tailgate up?

Of course! We only ask that you be courteous to our other guests and make sure that you secure the tailgate in such a manner as to prevent it from being higher than the roof of your vehicle.

What if my battery dies?

We have jump-packs in the concession stand and will happily give you a jump start free of charge! A little prevention goes a long way. We recommend that you start your car and let it run for a few minutes about every hour if you are running the fan or wipers.

How do I turn off my daytime running lights?

Modern vehicles have more bells and whistles than a circus train. Unfortunately for other patrons, this usually means some combination of automatic running lights/parking lights. We recommend that you test yours prior to coming to the show by running your car in park and then with your keys in the auxiliary position. At each stage check to see what your headlights and parking lights are doing (if anything). If you do have such automated lights on your vehicle, we recommend consulting your owners manual on the method for disabling them, as they tend to be slightly different for each manufacturer. If you can find no way to disable them then we recommend bringing a thick, old blanket or tarp and some way to secure it over your lights for the convenience of our other patrons.

Also, please keep your foot off of the brake pedal during the show. It blinds the people behind you!

Can I switch screens for the second movie?

If the management does not say anything on the radio that night about switching, you may.

Do I have to watch the movies in my vehicle?

Certainly not. Many of our patrons prefer to bring folding lawn chairs or blankets outside of their vehicles. Generally, this is done in front of their vehicle (being sure to stay out of the driving lanes, of course!), but should a spot next to your vehicle be open when the feature starts feel free to move into it. Be prepared to move should a late-comer wish to park there.

Is any food or drinks allowed in Kingston Family Funworld
Absolutely Not! We have to rely on the concession to pay the bills since most of the movie ticket money goes to the film companies and taxes.


Do we need a reservation?
No you do not, it is first come first service.

Do you take credit cards and debit for the go-karts?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Union Pay and Interac

What are the requirements to drive a go-kart by yourself?
Two things, first 52 inches in height and second ten years of age.
If you do not meet those requirements you may ride free in a double-seat kart.

How fast do the Karts go?
Our track is a technical track with sharp turns so they are set around 30 kilometers per hour.

Batting Tent

How old should you be to hit the balls?
We recommend seven years of age for lob ball and ten years of age for hard ball.

What kind of pitches does the tent have?
We have fast pitch softball (45-50mph.), lob ball (5mph) fast pitch hard ball (50-60 mph,) and fast pitch hard ball (60-70 mph.)

Do we have to bring our own bats?
No! We have bats and helmets free to use.