Playing Friday June 22nd – Thursday June 28th, 2018

Our movies are broadcasted through your vehicles’ FM radio. Please NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS allowed on Funworld’s premises. Please be aware that a very large percentage of what you pay for tickets goes directly back to the film studios. What remaining portion there is left is typically not enough to support the operation of the theatre (this is why ALL movie theatre’s have concession stand). Your patronage and support of our concession stand is what keeps this theatre in operation. When you bring your own food to the drive-in, it directly effects the financial stability of the theatre. Please support our concession stand.


We now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Union Pay and Interac

at the Box Office and the Canteen!


General Admission: Adults $12.00, Seniors $7.00, Kids 5 to 12 $6.00, Kids 4 & under Free

Carload Tuesday: $25.00

All Nighter Admission:Adults $13.00, Seniors $8.00, Kids 5 to 12 $6.00, Kid 4 & under Free

*All movie admission prices include taxes*

Screen One: 9:30PM

Feature #1: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (14A)

Feature #2: Rampage (14A)

Screen Two: 9:30PM

Feature #1: Tag (14A)

Feature #2: Ocean’s 8 (14A)

Screen Three: 9:30PM

Feature #1: The Incredibles 2 (PG)

Feature #2: Book Club (PG)

Coming Soon:

Coming Soon: The Spy Who Dumped Me